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What is Shop Black Week?


The Shop Black Week campaign is a nationwide movement that simply asks every American to support Black-owned businesses in November and ends on Black Friday – giving it a whole new meaning. We need everyone to support during this week that leads up to the holiday shopping period, and then keep it going into your holiday shopping options.  

So please support Black-owned businesses from November 20-27 and then #ShopBlackWeek  and let us know about your purchase.  Help spread the word to everyone you know.

2020 Shop Black Week Goals

SHOP BLACK WEEK 2020 Primary Goal – Let’s make the campaign the biggest economic campaign in history!

The goal is to get at least 3 million consumers to spend at least $35 and to get medium and large corporations to spend at least $300 with Black-owned businesses. Achieving this goal would mean that over $400,000,000 could be circulated within the Black community in one week – making this the biggest economic campaign in history.

2020 Shop Black Week PSA's (Video and Audio Files)

Show Black Week 2020 PSA  (1-Min)

Show Black Week 2020 PSA  (30-Sec)

Shop Black Week Logos

SBW Logo

SBW Light Logo

SBW Square Logo – White

2020 Shop Black Week Press Releases

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